We are a boutique organisation based on the Gold Coast offering Support Co-ordination to participants of the NDIS.

What We Do

Support Co-ordination

Support Co-ordination is a funded item within the NDIS framework. Support Coordinators play a unique and partnership role in a person’s NDIS journey. There are three levels of Support Co-ordination available to participants of the NDIS. We provide Level 2 Support Co-ordination which is called Co-ordination of Supports and is a funded item under the Capacity Building Section of your plan.

Mental Health Recovery Coaching

A Mental health recovery coach is there to help guide you through the maze of Mental health Issues, available programs and support networks.

Our recovery coach Melanie has a lived experience while Annette holds a Mental Health qualification.

Support Co-ordinators are there to work with NDIS participants to:

Explore and connect to service providers to spend their NDIS funds
Explore and connect to other community groups and mainstream services
Understand how to make the most of their NDIS Plan and use the NDIS Portal
Strengthen their informal support network
Prepare for an NDIS Plan review
Resolve issues in the support environment and points of crisis
Build the participants capacity to co-ordinate their support network and live the life that they choose

Why Choose Us?

We promise to;

  • Listen
  • Understand you
  • Include you in all decisions
  • Think outside the box
  • Be open and honest
  • Be reliable

We Are

A company valuing relationships and personalised service
Easily contactable with direct contact to staff
Highly experienced in the human services industry including Disability, Mental Health and NDIS
Out of the Box thinkers and creative problem solvers
Connected throughout Industry

We Will

Ensure that you get to maximise your NDIS funds
Guide, support, plan and be ready with you for all reviews
Assist you with finding, engaging and changing service providers
Make appropriate referrals
Be your point of connection for services and support.
Assist you to unpack and make sense of your plan and funding

Be with you in the driver seat planning what support coordination looks like for you to ensure that you get the best possible value for the funds

Be transparent in our services
Work with you to build your capacity to manage your services, supports and your NDIS plan
Assist you with your plan if there is a change of circumstance in your life

About Us

Chloe Murphy

Hi, I’m Chloe and I am the Director of Nexus Support Services.

Before starting Nexus I worked for a community organization for 10 years within the Skilling and Training and Supported Accommodation departments. This is where I gained my Certificate IV in Community Services. I started working as a hands-on facilitator, working my way to an Operations Manager with services spanning across Ballina, Gold Coast and Ipswich. I worked together with many customers and their families to firstly prepare for the NDIS and then implement their plan.

I understand the importance of being a good listener and understanding your wants, desires, needs and frustrations. I am passionate and dedicated to delivering a quality, personal service that will enable you to maximise your NDIS funding. Together, we can think creatively and look beyond the standard available services, focusing on supporting you to build your skills and direct your life.

I look forward to talking with you.

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Annette Osborne
Hello my name is Annette and I bring to you over 25 years of experience and understanding of working in human services, with a strong background as a valued based Manager in Disability including Psychosocial and more recently the past 18 months as an NDIS planner.

I have delivered training for 13 years on Human Rights for People with Disabilites, presented at 3 National Conferences; Human Rights versus Restrictive Practice; Disability, Housing and Forced Co-tenancy and Strengths Based Supervision.

I bring to you my commitment to forming a co-creative relationship with you guided by what is important to you in your life and how your NDIS plan, community and others can assist you to make that happen. I have a breadth of understanding and knowledge of the NDIS and I am very passionate to explore the possibilities it represents.

Just some of the things that we can do together:
Reflect, plan and prioritise;

  • Work through new possibilities;
  • Vision build together on what is a good life for you;
  • Link to others, community, supports and services;
  • Increase the natural circle of your support;
  • Have a deep understanding of what is important and what makes sense to you;
  • Value and acknowledge what success looks like for you.

What value can I add for you?

  • My passion in getting to know and understand you as a person;
  • Total regard that you are the expert in your life;
    Extensive knowledge and understanding of NDIS;

  • High level skill and competency in writing comprehensive reports;
  • My deep belief and value in human rights for people with disabilities;
  • Effective communication and collaboration skills in working with others to ensure your best outcome;
  • Respect and regard for your anomonity;
  • My passion to build with you for your immediate future and beyond;
  • Identify with you quality relationships and services you purchase as a consumer;
  • Respect for diversity of culture;
  • Ensure your NDIS service agreements and bookings work for you and your plan;
  • My commitment to you in resolving any points of mis-understanding with services and supports;
  • My passion for you to take control of the support and services you need or want.

    If you are reading this, I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you kindly.

  • Annette Osborne
    0499 055 699
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    Hello! My name is Katrina.
    I have always been more focused on others than myself but here goes!
    I have been working in the disability, mental health and community services sectors for over 10 years.
    I started working as a support worker and worked my way up to coordinating support and services such as support at home, community access, SIL, SLES, day centres and community hubs. I have a Diploma in Community Services and a Certificate III in Community Services specialising in Youth Work.
    I enjoy working with clients, families and their teams.
    I think outside the box and I believe that there are no barriers, just different ways to overcome particular situations.
    I am very thorough, committed and proactive and known for my enthusiasm and passion for my role.
    My passion is to advocate for people and ensure everyone’s rights are upheld. Everyone has the right to choose the life of their choice and have key people around them to help put this into action, such as myself.
    I would love to meet more people and find out ways that I can help.
    0436 336 065
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    Chloe Murphy – Director

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    Annette Byrne

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